COMPETITIVE: Journal of Education provides scientific articles developed in attending through the article publications, original research report, reviews, and scientific commentaries in education .


COMPETITIVE: Journal of Learning, Teaching and Education Management encompasses research papers from researcher, academics, and practitioners. In particular, papers which consider the following general topics are invited:

  1. Educational Research
  2. Learning Theory In Practice.
  3. Innovative Methodologies In Learning
  4. Teaching And Assessment
  5. E-Learning.
  6. Digital Classrooms
  7. Blended Learning
  8. Social Networks And Education
  9. Classroom Management Issues
  10. Educational Case Studies.
  11. Teaching Preparation And Performance
  12. Learning Processes And Learning Environments.
  13. Teaching Pedagogy
  14. Innovative Teaching Techniques
  15. Educational Research
  16. Management Learning and Education In Schools And Universities
  17. Teacher Professional Development,
  18. Educational Leadership
  19. Curriculum Development,
  20. Education Quality
  21. Computers In Educational Administration
  22. Marketing In Education
  23. E-Learning Management
  24. Organizations As Learning Communities
  25. Human Resource Management,
  26. And Innovation In Educational Management.